Acxiom and MetaRouter Partner for Cookie Solutions

Digital Marketing
Acxiom, the customer intelligence company, has teamed up with MetaRouter, a specialist in customer data infrastructure. The partnership will see Acxiom implement MetaRouter solutions that will enable customers to better define their first-party data strategies in a world facing major cookie deprecation.

Collaboratively leveraging MetaRouter’s data delivery prowess and Acxiom’s integration expertise, these two enterprises assist brands in refining their first-party data strategies and creating tailored marketing technology stacks. In unison, Acxiom and MetaRouter streamline data management and offer advanced analytics, all while upholding the principles of ethical data handling. This approach empowers clients to harness their proprietary data fully, enabling more informed decision-making, precise marketing reach, and the cultivation of increased customer trust and return on investment.

The partnership between Acxiom and MetaRouter is already yielding positive results as they work with an expanding client base to address the pressing demand for robust first-party data strategies.

Jason Skelton, Head of European Partnerships at Acxiom, commented, “In an environment where adtech and martech are increasingly converging, we sought a partner who shares our conviction in the value of first-party data and possesses the vision to unite these two domains. Through our collaboration with MetaRouter, brands gain access to our customer intelligence cloud capabilities across advertising and marketing efforts, allowing them to optimize their first-party data strategies for the personalized experiences that today’s customers expect. This partnership not only embraces change but also actively shapes the future of customer engagement.”

Jonathan von Abo, VP of Alliances for EMEA, added, “We are privileged to join forces with Acxiom, a company renowned for its expertise in data-driven customer intelligence. By combining our first-party data collection capabilities with Acxiom’s commitment to assisting brands in delivering tailored customer experiences, we anticipate a transformative impact on our clients. We eagerly anticipate our collaboration and the delivery of innovative solutions in an ever-evolving landscape.

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